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Exploring the Throat Chakra

When we are in energetic alignment at the level of the throat chakra, we have access to conscious presence, patience, steadiness of mind for self-study, and ultimately, wisdom and bliss. 

While these qualities are ALWAYS available to each of us, the stress, abuses, and trauma we experience as we journey through the life can make these states a challenge to access. 

Imbalance at the level of the throat chakra can manifest as feelings of fragmentation, despair, and unhappiness.  That feeling of being on an emotional rollercoaster is an expression of an imbalance at this level of our being.  These challenges can also present themselves at the level of the physical body as a sore throat, tonsillitis, neck pain, thyroid problems, hearing problems and metabolic disorders. 

In this workshop, we will learn to attune to this sacred energy center within our throat through meditation, asana, and breathing exercises.  We will also discuss other healing tools and foods we can weave into our life to support our healing journey. 

All are welcome! No experience with Yoga is necessary.

Cost: $20

P: (973) 769-2739         E: