Nicole Stumpf

Let's enjoy this wild and precious life!

Individual Instruction 

Receive a yoga practice tailored to your specific needs.

People seek out personal yoga instruction for a variety of reasons. Yoga has been shown to benefit a vast scope of physical and mental health conditions. If you feel that a personal yoga class is a good fit for you or a doctor has recommend you seek it out, contact Nicole to schedule an appointment: or 973-769-2739.

Couples also welcome! 

The first appointment will take 1.5hrs and includes:

- A Personal Health and History Conversation

- A Postural Assessment (To reveal where muscles are tight and/or weak so that we can identify a specific posture sequence to address these imbalances)

- A Breath Assessment (To reveal underlying energetic imbalances as well as opportunities to boost your stress management capacity)

- A customized yoga practice to achieve your personal health goals, including physical and breathing exercises, meditation techniques, and diet/lifestyle recommendations.

All follow-up sessions can be scheduled for 1 hour.   

Rate: $60/hr

P: (973) 769-2739         E: