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Let's enjoy this wild and precious life!

Update: I am in the process of relocating to the D.C. area for graduate school- on my way to becoming a yoga-inspired Occupational Therapist!!
But first: I’ll be assisting a 200-hr Month-Long Intensive Yoga Teacher Training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, June 28-July 26. (Dream.Come.True.)

Keuka Peaceful Roots, the wellness center I found in 2014, will continue to be a space dedicated supporting wellness in and around Hammondsport. I have passed the torch to a new team and am so excited to see how the space will shift, evolve, and carry on as a place for nourishment of the body, mind, spirit, and community. (You all are worth it!)

My last classes in the FLX (for now!)


49 Shethar Street, 2nd Floor
Hammondsport, NY

Monday June 3rd
9:00-10:15am Gentle Kripalu Yoga

Tuesday June 4th
5:30pm - 6:45pm: Moderate Kripalu Yoga

Wednesday June 6th
9:00am - 10:15am: Gentle Kripalu Yoga

Saturday June 8th
9:00am - 10:15am: Moderate Kripalu Yoga

NEw YOGA Class in Ithaca

Thursdays, 9:30-11am beginning March  29th

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Kripalu Yoga in Ithaca

Fine Spirit Studio
201 Dey Street,
Ithaca, NY 14840

Thursdays, 9:30-11am
First Class March 29th

Kripalu Yoga is generally a gentle hatha yoga practice with a compassionate approach and emphasis on meditation, physical healing and spiritual transformation. Students are taught to observe their body and thoughts without judgment and to accept and respect themselves as they are. Each student learns to find his or her own level of practice on a given day by looking inward.

Each class will include:
- Time for Centering
- Pranayama (breathing practices)
- Asanas (postures that support body awareness, optimal posture, balance, core strength, and flexibility)
- Guided Meditation(s)
- Time for Deep Relaxation to revitalize and rejuvenate all major systems of the body.

Beginners and students experiencing health challenges or injuries are welcome.

Nicole is a certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and Advanced Instructor of Therapeutic Yoga.

Drop-In $17
3-Class Pass $45
6-Class Pass $70


Feb Yoga Reset: Grouding & Stability

Sunday, February 11, 2018

3:00 PM 4:30 PM

@ Keuka Peaceful Roots
49 Shethar Street, Hammondsport, NY

According to yoga philosophy, balance, health, and ease always exist at our core and are elements of our true nature. Life, however, can shift us out of alignment, making it difficult to access these inherent qualities. Fortunately, a Yoga Reset can sometimes be all you need to feel grounded, capable, and imaginative again.

The intention of this month's Yoga Reset class is engage in a skillful interplay of mindful movement, breath work, and meditation to establish a sense of grounding and stability in our bodies and, therefor, our minds and lives.

Pre-registration Required. Sign up online or by emailing


Journey through the Chakras

with Nicole Stumpf on the first Saturday of each month, February 3rd- August 4th, 11am-1pm
@ Keuka Peaceful Roots, 49 Shethar Street, Hammondsport, NY 14840

Feb 3rd- Root: Foundation of Security
Mar 3rd- Navel: Connection & Creation
Apr 7th- Solar Plexus: Will Power & Surrender
May 5th- Heart: Embodiment of Love
Jun 2nd- Throat: Conscious Communication
Jul 7th- Third Eye: Access to Insight
Aug 4th- Crown: Cosmic Consciousness

You can sign up for one class, a few, or all seven.
$20 - 1 class
$60 - 4 classes
$80 - All 7 classes

Preregister online or by emailing Nicole at Cash and checks accepted at the studio.

Yoga at Grist Iron Brewing

Grist Iron.png

SUNDAY 10:30AM-11:30AM
4880 NY-414BURDETT, NY, 14818

Come for yoga, namaste for beer, hop on your mat and tap into the fun of brewery yoga. It's time to put a little foam in your om.

This class is perfect for all-levels. All ages can practice, must be 21 plus to consume.

Class will be 60 minutes, bring a mat and water!

Instructor: Nicole Stumpf

$10 online/$12 at the door

Tickets available for purchase HERE

***includes a free Grist Iron Brewery Beer after class***

Sunday, January 7, 2018
1:00 PM  2:30 PM
@ Keuka Peaceful Roots

According to yoga philosophy, balance, health, and ease always exist at our core and are elements of our true nature. Life, however, (especially during the high-holiday season) can shift us out of alignment.

Practicing yoga is about reconnecting to the peace, joy, and contentment that are already inside you. Sometimes a Yoga Reset is all you need to feel grounded, capable, and imaginative again. In this class we will use the magic of yoga to bring restoration, balance and ease to our bodies and minds through a skillful interplay of movement, breath, and mindfulness. 

W/ Kripalu Instructor, Nicole Stumpf
Cost: $15
Register Online or Call 973-769-2739

Click HERE for some guided meditations I recently recorded. Donations are welcome, though not required. Check back regularly, as I plan to add more meditations throughout the year. 

Pro-Rated CSA Shares Available through Oak & Osage Farm in Hammondsport, NY

Receive a Weekly Share of Non-GMO, 100% Naturally and Locally-Grown Produce. Email Peter at or call 914-588-2860 to sign up

Arm Balances w/ Peter & Nicole

@ Keuka Peaceful Roots in Hammondsport, NY  --  Saturday, April 15, 2017 11:30am-1:30pm

Join Kripalu Yoga Instructors Peter & Nicole for a 2-hour workshop exploring balance, strength, creativity, and fun in yoga arm balances. The postures we plan to examine and practice include:

Crow (Bakasana)

Revolved Crow (Parsva Bakasana)

Firefly (Titthibhasana)

Feathered Peacock Pose (Pincha Mayurasana)

& 8-Angled Pose (Ashtavakrasana)

In this workshop, we will first warm up with a vinyasa sequence to prepare the body for the more complex postures. Then, we will deconstruct the select yoga asanas into key alignment elements to understand how the joints are aligned and which muscles should be contracting and which should be lengthening. Finally, we'll practice tying them all together for the finished pose.

Even if you are unable to find the fullest expression of the posture in the workshop, you will be able to identify exactly where you can build strength or invite flexibility in order to practice the pose safely.

The joy, of course, is in the practice, not the perfection, of the postures.

Cost: $20

Pre-Registration is Required. To sign up, Email Nicole at

Body Wisdom Weekend 


@ Treman Center, Newfield N.Y.     Jan 21-22, 9:30am-6pm each day

Body Wisdom is the primordial knowledge that arises from your unique physical and energetic being. When body wisdom is explored in the context of non-judgmental compassionate self observation it creates the safety to experience subtle and profound insight, to release shame and limiting beliefs, and the opportunity to embrace freedom and bliss.

Join Kripalu Yoga Instructors Ilana Berman and Nicole Stumpf for a 2-day exploration of Body Wisdom through Yoga, Conscious Communication, and Meditation. Discover how to “listen” to the wisdom of your body and to allow the guidance you receive to inspire the way you engage with yourself and others.

Enjoy a weekend of holistic relaxation and communication as you learn to:
    ·     Non-judgmentally witness your thoughts, feelings and emotions
    ·     Create space for the body to heal by letting go of stress
    ·     Notice and release limiting postural and emotional habits
    ·     Cultivate clear, compassionate, honest, and non-violent communication skills
    ·     Experience steadiness of mind through heart-centered listening
    ·     Embrace freedom

The weekend will include:
    ·   Daily, gentle yoga classes which emphasize mindful movement, self-observation, and deep relaxation
    ·   Experiences in conscious communication
    ·   Practices for developing compassionate, non-judgemental self-observation skills
    ·   Explorations in heart-oriented awareness
    ·   Introductions to yogic perspectives on the “self” including:
        - The 3-stage approach of Kripalu Yoga
        - The Koshas
        - Awareness of the Gunas

The Treman Center takes a authentic rustic setting and turns it into a sanctuary of beauty and peace. We will be surrounded by the woods of Treman State Forest and kept inspired and cozy by the beautiful stone work and artful interior... not to mention the heated floors and fire places!

Early Bird Registration (12.31.16) Check or Cash $250, Online $260

Registration after 12.31.16 - Check or Cash $275, Online $285

Please email us if you plan to pay with cash or check and need to register offline:

Click here to sign up online



Heart Thread Yoga teacher training

I am honored and excited to be a teacher for Heart Thread Yoga's 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in Ithaca, NY.  

January 20, 2017-May 12-2017

This training is about going deeper into your yoga practice, and into your life. It's about unearthing and developing the tools to live your authentic life. It's about taking your yoga practice and applying it in the day to day grind. It's about finding your voice, practicing clear communication, and becoming a yoga teacher - even if you never teach in a class setting - you are still sharing the gift of yoga through your daily interactions with the world.

Read more about it here:

keuka lake PADDLE BOARD yoga


I taught my first Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga this past weekend and it was SO much fun. There is nothing like savasana on a paddleboard. Wow! Its getting to be quite chilly in the AM here on Keuka Lake, so I think that'll be it for this season, but I look forward to getting back on the board for yoga next season.

Yoga & Healing Herbs Workshop

@ Healing Spirits Herb Farm, Avoca, NY

August 1st, 5:30-7:30pm

Click image below for more info.

Karma Yoga Program Opportunity

6 hours of volunteering on Oak & Osage Farm gets you a 6 class yoga pass at Keuka Peaceful Roots! 

Email me at for more info! 

Mid to late March, I took a trip to the Azores with an amazing group of people, for a yoga retreat. My experience was filled with good times with good people and I'll treasure the memories I had.

Keuka Peaceful Roots and Oak & Osage Farm are teaming up for a very unique offer!  

Completing 6hrs of work on the farm will earn you a 6-class yoga pass at Keuka Peaceful Roots! Contact me to schedule a time to help us out! We can use help May through October. Farm tasks we can use help with include transplanting, harvesting, propagating, weeding, processing, packaging, and preserving. 

For more information on Oak & Osage Farm, please visit our website and/or our Facebook page

P: (973) 769-2739         E: